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Personalized RSS Reader

ReactSails  & Stream

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We've built an RSS Feed Reader that goes beyond simply providing a list view of your subscriptions. With machine learning, you’ll get a highly personalized feed tailored to you.

The machine learning is powered by Stream's personalization API. (blog post)

Personalization Overview

We speed up the process of Feed Personalization by allowing you to select a few topics to follow. After the initial setup we use the engagement data to learn about your interests.

  • Follow

    Personalization starts to work once you have selected at least 3 topics to follow

  • Engage

    Next, we track what you engage with through clicks and impressions

  • Learn

    Based on which content you interact with, the experience will become more tailored to your interests

Open Source

Winds is open source and powered by Sails, React and Redux. Contributions are much appreciated.